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Our experienced crystallographers will collect single crystal
diffraction data, determine cell and space group symmetry,
apply necessary corrections and data reduction.
The complete services include:

  • Evaluation and mounting of crystals.
  • Determination of unit cell, space group.
  • Data collection.
  • Absorption corrections.
  • Structure solution.
  • Structure refinement.
  • Preparation of illustrations for publications.
  • Analysis of the structural results, including hydrogen bonding, unusual geometrical features, intermolecular interactions, planes, ring puckering, etc.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive report with full data tables.
  • Preparation of results for publication or writing of a complete paper when the structural results are to  be published separately.

Overview of single-crystal X-ray diffraction (source)

  • Crystal Structure Determination.

Single crystal structure determination is probably the most important  technique  to characterize new compounds. No other analytical technique currently available can provide such complete and unambiguous information about internal structure. Modern diffraction equipment and software allow to measure the diffraction of crystals with very high resolution and  to determine crystal structures very accurately. Single crystal structure determination yields the internal symmetry of crystals, coordinates of atoms, population of atoms (occupancies), anisotropic thermal parameters.

The results obtained by single crystal structure determination are vital for study of compounds by various other other techniques, including molecular modeling, crystal packing, polymorphism, absolute structure configuration, intra-/intermolecular contacts and hydrogen bonding.

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Physics Division, National Research Center (NRC), Egypt.
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