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  • X-Ray Powder Diffraction (XRPD).

X-ray powder diffraction is one of the most useful analytical tools for material analysis. Whether you are analyzing metals, polymers, semiconductors, geological samples or pharmaceuticals, XRD can provide useful information based upon the powder diffraction pattern. Among the most common tests are the identification and quantification of the crystalline phases, determination of the percent crystallinity, and analysis of the crystal structure.

X-Ray Crystallography Lab. provides a full range of powder diffraction services range from simple powder diffraction data collection to advanced powder methods, including identification and quantification of the crystalline phases, grazing incidence diffraction, crystallite size and crystallinity index,   … etc… read more

Samples for powder diffraction data acquisition should be normally sent with sample submission form. Note that, the requests should include the diffraction angle range (2Q) for the data collection.

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  • Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction.

Crystallography is the most unambiguous method for determining structures of small molecules and macromolecules, and single crystal x-ray diffraction provides accurate and precise measurements of molecular dimensions in a way that no other science can begin to approach… read more

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  • Joint Research Collaboration.

The XRD Crystallography group welcomes collaboration with other researchers from inside and outside Egypt at any stage of the research project: from writing proposals and applying for fund, to single crystal or polycrystalline structural characterization with XRD. Also, data interpretation and further structural analysis such as Unit Cell determination, Rietveld Refinement, Preparation of CIF file or any other results for publication. Contact us for more details.

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Physics Division, National Research Center (NRC), Egypt.
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