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Single Crystal Diffractometer:

Bruker-Nonius KappaCCD, equipped with a CCD detector and a liquid-nitrogen low-temperature device, on a Bruker-Nonius FR590 X-ray generator with a molybdenum sealed tube.

The KappaCCD, includes the state-of-the-art technologies for rapid, precise, and accurate data collection even with small crystals. A charge-coupled device (CCD) detector allows many diffraction spots to be collected simultaneously.

Empyrean Powder Diffractometer:

Empyrean is a true multi-purpose research diffractometer in developing the ultimate X-ray platform for the analysis of powders, thin films, nanomaterials and solid objects.

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Diano Powder Diffractometer:

A computer controlled X-ray diffractometer (made by Diano Corporation, USA) of a measuring range (2θ) from -20º to +150º. Co target tube operated at 45 kV and 9 mA.

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Physics Division, National Research Center (NRC), Egypt.
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